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Authors: Paola A. Ayala-Burbano, Lucas Caldano, Pedro Manoel Galetti Junior, Alcides Pissinatti, Mara Cristina Marques, Dominic Wormell, Patrícia Domingues de Freitas.
Leontopithecus chrysopygus, popularly called Black Lion Tamarin (BLT), is an endangered New World monkey that occurs only in the highly fragmented rainforest of São Paulo State in Brazil. ... read more
Authors: Erica van de Waal, Carel P. van Schaik, & Andrew Whiten.
The capacity of primates and other animals to sustain behavioral traditions has been rigorously demonstrated through diffusion experiments under controlled laboratory conditions. Such evidence is rarer ... read more

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Walker-Bolton AD, Parga JA. “Stink flirting” in ring-tailed lemurs (Lemur catta): Male olfactory displays to females as honest, costly signals. Am J Primatol. 2017;79:e22724.